E-Glass Fiber Cloth for copper clad laminate (CCL) and printed circuit boards ( PCB )

E-Glass Fiber Cloth benefits from characteristics like high performance inorganic materials of glass fiber which with good insulation and strongly heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, high modulus. It was made by E glass fiber or C glass fiber,It has been widely used in the industry, electronics, civil, construction and military industry, etc.

*  High strength, high modulus, variable weight, floating large
*  Excellent durability, consistent with the life cycle of electronic products
*  Excellent electrical performance, cost-effective can not be replaced
*  All can be compounded, provide a basis to the use of other areas
*  Dimensional Stability,Electrical Properties,Thermal Conductivity

Applications :
E Glass fiber cloth used for Electronics Industries
It is used for coating epoxy resin or other type of resin after pressing, and with perfect effect on electrical resistance, excellent electrical properties provide the basis for use as the prime reinforcement in high pressure laminates for printed circuit boards.

E Glass fiber cloth used for Insulation Board
Epoxy board, also known as fiberglass board or insulation board, is made of electronic fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, made by high-temperature baking prepreg, according to the customer needs the thickness of overlap, and then vacuum constant temperature Pressed together. Mainly used in electronic products, instruments and equipment, communications facilities, automobiles, rail transportation and new energy and other fields.

E glass fiberglass cloth for fire blanket
With the high flame resistant, temperature tolerance performance ,glass fiber cloth as the most economic material of fire, fire blankets, welding protection carpet, etc.it will not burn or support combustion, it retains approximately 25 percent of its initial strength at 1000F.

Fiber glass cloth used for Coated and laminated fabrics
Fiberglass cloth coated with chemistry such as epoxy , silicone, rubber, Teflon and neoprene, as well as reinforcing mica products, provide the long term durability and reliability needed in insulating high voltage generators, transformers, switches and cables.

Sports equipment and recreation markets  
The fabrics are produced with special care to meet the unique requirements of Sports equipment and recreation markets . for its light weight, works well for most light-duty applications where a clear wet-out is required.there are so many others fabrics of different ounces, materials, weaves available on the market.  It is widely used in the  surfboards, sailboards,  models, RC aircraft, golf ,skis, poles ,snowboards .bicycle composites and canoes, etc.

Detailed Pictures Of E Glass Fiber Cloth
The Applications listed are typical for E-Glass fiber cloth ,Actual usages may varies . More products information, please contact us system@corefrp.com , we have a specialized technical engineers service for you, at the same time we can offer you free samples.