The world’s first e-glass fiber glass “composite” passenger lift was born

The world’s first e-glass fiber cloth “composite” passenger elevator, the elevator weight loss of 90% than traditional passenger elevator.

On January 10th, the opening ceremony of the world’s first e-glass fiber cloth composite passenger elevator was held at the hotel ,Singapore Lift Company(SLC). The elevator, known as “8”, has successfully built by a Singapore-based joint venture between the Far East agency, Woh Hup and the holding company Pronus (HK). Singapore Lift Company (SLC) .its weight is about 90% lighter than the traditional steel elevator, but carrying capacity is about doubled.The elevator is made of e-glass fiber cloth, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy honeycomb panel made of light weight, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, so as long as the appropriate maintenance, life can be up to sixty or seventy years.

SLC Managing Director Alister JA Bennett said,The use of e-glass fiber composite materials is not new, like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and some BMW series of cars, all in the production process using such materials, but the use of e-glass fiber composite materials manufacturing elevator is a pioneering work.

“The advantages of e-glass fiber composite materials, including lightweight high strength, relative to steel, e-glass fiber composite materials is more corrosion-resistant, so as long as appropriate maintenance, e-glass fiber composite material’s life can be as long as sixty or seventy years.”

The weight of the e-glass fiber composite elevator “8” is about 150 kg, Compare with a traditional elevator the ratio is about 1500 kg, equivalent to only 10% weight of e-glass fiber composite elevator. General elevator can only carry about six people, but “8” ‘s carrying capacity can be 11 people, its carrying capacity can up to 825 kg.

Alister JA Bennett said,The traditional elevator T-type rails need to set a support point every 1.5-2 meters, otherwise the rail will bend, so the elevator shaft need a concrete wall or steel frame, so that the elevator rail bracket has a fixed place.

After we redesigned, ‘8’ do not need to use this complex elevator shaft and support frame, and lighter, so we do not have to install the balance hammer. In this way, the space saved allows us to expand the area of the elevator’s car. ”

In addition, the “8” elevator car will have a turning diameter of at least 1.4 meters, leaving enough turn space for the wheelchair. “8” is currently aimed at low-rise buildings, but the future can be extended to 20-storey buildings.

Alister JA Bennett also mentioned that the traditional elevator takes 5-7 days to complete a layer of installation, but the “8” installation process will be shortened to install at least one floor every day elevator, during which no need to use heavy equipment or welding.This will improve staff productivity and help reduce overall building spending.”

It is expected to begin selling in the third quarter of this year

“8” elevator design concept has been approved by the European elevator and escalator safety certification body Liftinstituut. Alister JA Bennett revealed that they had begun negotiations with the Construction Bureau for “8” certification, followed by an authorized elevator inspector to conduct a relevant review. “We plan to complete the certification in March and start selling the lift in the third quarter of this year.”

Alister JA Bennett said that they intend to produce “8” elevator cars in Singapore and hope to work with local universities to further improve the design and engineering of elevator components and promote the development of the overall composite industry.
A spokesman for the Far Eastern Agency and the Hopewell Construction Company said that “8” has the potential to meet the challenges of high cost and limited manpower faced by the local construction and construction industries. They will also assess the feasibility of adopting “8” in development projects in the future.

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